23 Mar 2010, 18:30
v2.6 has been released. More sophisticated wrong terms, and error-handling, assert syntactic sugar, better parsing, and more.
[ download | doc ]
23 Mar 2010, 10:00
v2.5 has been released, and "typed", a new system has been implemented!
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19 Mar 2010
v2.2 (a complete rewrite) has been released!
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13 Mar 2010
v1.4.1, the final version of the 1.x series has been released.
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11 Mar 2010
v0.77 is out.
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TsouTAPL implements various systems similar to the ones in Benjamin Pierce's book Types and Programming Languages.


Thanos Tsouanas (that's me).



It is written in Haskell.


It has been tested on OpenBSD, with various GHC compilers: 6.6.1, 6.8.3, 6.10.4 and 6.12.1.


Some comes with the tarball, but do check the online documentation of the latest version (2.6), produced by Haddock.


It started as a small project for the Type Systems for Programming Languages course, given at MPLA by Nikolaos Papaspyrou.

(But I got excited and kept working on it night after night.)


Version 2.x (latest, stable version)
is an almost-complete rewrite, since I was not satisfied with neither the structure nor the implementation of the previous version. At the moment, two systems have been implemented:
  • untyped: the untyped lambda calculus with unit, booleans and arithmetic, and
  • typed: the simply typed lambda calculus with unit, booleans, arithmetic and wrong
More calculi will be implemented soon.
Version 1.x (deprecated)
is the one submitted for the course (see below). It implements a simply typed lambda calculus with unit, booleans, arithmetic, wrong terms, and some other bits here and there. Unfortunately, I do not like this version anymore!
Version 0.x
Forget about those versions, they are bad for you and your family.


Why would you care.



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